Auguste Brouet - The Travelling Ironmonger - Ba 57
Ba 57

The Travelling Ironmonger

Under a precarious awning, a worker, his hand resting on a vice, is in conversation with a customer.further to the left, a figure sitting on a toolbox, a child lying next to him.on the workbench that occupies the centre of the print, a lathe and various other tools. In the background, a palisade on the right-hand side, and distant areas.
4th state, 195 mm × 153 mm.
Printed at 75 impressions and 4 artist proofs.
Boutitie 95, IFF 4.3, BPL 10, auteur, EB 14, EG 88.
Final state.

Priv. coll.
Previous states
3rd state, 195 mm × 153 mm.
With the palisades and the background, but before the counter cuts in the awning canvas and the general reinforcement of the shadows in drypoint, especially under the workbench.

2nd state, 195 mm × 153 mm.
BPL 10.
With the drypoint work, especially on the post on the right as well as the workbench and awning, and before the bottoms.

1st state, 195 mm × 153 mm.
Printed at 4 impressions.
Boutitie 94, BN, BPL 10, Universität Osnabrück.
Before the palisades and background and additional drypoint work. The post on the right is white. August 1914.