Auguste Brouet - The Pawnbroker - Ba 56
Ba 56

The Pawnbroker

etching (1914)
The lender, sitting with a dog on her lap, has a cushion under her feet. She is surrounded by the bric-a-brac of deposits, books, statuette, hat boxes, boots. The head of a young customer appears at the counter.
3rd state, 102 mm × 94 mm.
Printed at 75 impressions, 4+2 state proofs and 4 artist proofs.
Boutitie 39, IFF 1.8, BN, BPL 7, EB 87, EG 35.
The lender's right cheek and temple were darkened by fine drypoint strokes and 4 trial prints were drawn, then the lender's face was almost imperceptibly softened.

Priv. coll.
Previous states
2nd state, 102 mm × 94 mm.
Printed at 2 state proofs.
BPL 7.
With the shadows. The cheek and the right temple of the lender appear in pure white.

1st state, 102 mm × 94 mm.
Printed at 3 state proofs.
BPL 7.
Before numerous drypoint shadows on the dress of the lender, under the table and on the background.