Auguste Brouet - The Gate in Moret - Ba 119
Ba 119

The Gate in Moret

etching (1910)
The postern, seen from inside the town, has an ogival arch. It is slightly arched on the outside. In a corner, on the right, a man is sitting near a door. A child has his back to him. A few chickens are pecking on the pavement in the foreground.
3rd state, 268 mm × 216 mm.
Printed at 30 impressions and 4 artist proofs.
Boutitie 19, BPL 7.
The paving has been added. The seated figure on the right is darker: thin diagonal hatching has been added on the chest and legs. The chick in the right foreground is now firmly drawn.

Galerie Roussard
Previous states
2nd state, 193 mm × 200 mm.
Printed at 2 ou 3 state proofs.
Boutitie 18, BPL 7.
The characters have been added, the chickens finished and the modelling of the postern reinforced.

1st state, 193 mm × 200 mm.
Printed at 3 state proofs.
BPL 7.
The first state is in line, before the characters. The chickens are barely sketched.