Auguste Brouet - Chickweed Seller (2nd plate) - Ba 50
Ba 50

Chickweed Seller (2nd plate)

etching (1913)
It's a conversation between the chickweed seller, leaning with his right foot on his hood placed on the pavement in front of him, and a merchant sitting on the sidewalk in front of a shop, in the middle of his baskets. In the background, silhouettes of passers-by.
4th state, 93 mm × 140 mm.
Printed at 75 impressions, 10 state proofs and 15 artist proofs.
IFF 28.10, BN.
After erasing the letter. The edge of the sidewalk and the pavement have been redrawn. Edition Petiet, 1925.

Priv. coll.
Previous states
3rd state, 93 mm × 140 mm.
Printed at 40 impressions.
Boutitie 77.
With a letter from a Friends of the Books menu.

Priv. coll.
2nd state, 93 mm × 140 mm.
Printed at 3 ą 5 state proofs.
Boutitie 77, BPL 14.
Two baskets have been added to the left of the chickweed merchant, as well as a lot of shadow work in drypoint, especially on the hood and on the merchant's back.

Priv. coll.
1st state, 93 mm × 140 mm.
Printed at 3 state proofs.
BPL 14.
Before the two baskets on the left and many additional shadows and work. Condition illustrated in Art and Decoration, 1914.