Auguste Brouet - Mariners in Fin-d'Oise - Ba 366
Ba 366

Mariners in Fin-d'Oise

etching (1922)
A group of sailors sitting in an estaminet in Fin-d'Oise. In the distance, through the door, we can see a suspension bridge. With two remarks: a child sitting on the edge of a quay and a man's head.
2nd state, 214 mm × 177 mm.
Printed at 75 impressions and 4 artist proofs.
Boutitie 96, BPL 3, EB 82, EG 86.
Final state, with additional shadow work and remarques.

Priv. coll.
Previous state
1st state, 214 mm × 177 mm.
Printed at 3 impressions.
Boutitie 96 A, BPL 3.
Without noticing them, by the line.