Ba 15

The Antique Dealer

etching (1904)
Piles of second-hand pieces of furniture and worn out housegoods clutter the doorstep, climb up the walls and invade the shop of the antique dealer. Peering through the open door, we make out slightly more inviting decoration items. Sitting at a panneled pulpit, the dealer is absorbed in reading one of is books.
5th state, 89 × 89 mm.

IFF 2.2, BN.
With the address Grégoire, 3 rue de Maistre.
estampe de Brouet
Priv. coll.
Previous states
4th state, 89 × 89 mm.

Pulled at 30 impressions.
The plate cut down again, before the new address for Grégoire.
estampe de Brouet
Galerie Christian Collin
3rd state, 133 × 87 mm.

IFF 2.2, EB 29, BN, BPL 4.
With the address Delâtre, 87 rue Lepic, Tirages en Noir et en Couleurs, Leçons Particulières.
2nd state, 133 × 87 mm.

Pulled at 25 impressions.
Boutitie 69, EB 29, BPL 4.
The plate has been cut and partially erased, with only the remnant figure of the dealer. The cancellation marks have been erased. A print stand has been added in the foreground. Before letter. Around 1906.
estampe de Brouet
Harris Schrank Fine Arts
1st state, 180 × 130 mm.

Pulled at 55 impressions and 5 ou 6 trial proofs.
Boutitie 68, EB 29, EG 13, PGF 1909, BPL 4, BPL 13, Universität Osnabrück, auteur.
The plate has been cancelled after printing.
estampe de Brouet
Priv. coll.