Auguste Brouet - Rue du Chemin de Halage in Rouen - Ba 116
Ba 116

Rue du Chemin de Halage in Rouen

etching (1911)
An archway forms a doorway. Underneath, two children are playing on the floor; further on, a man behind a stroller flanked by two children. In the foreground on the left, a merchant of the four seasons, a customer and a boy, then four baskets.
2nd state, 240 mm × 210 mm.
Printed at 30 impressions and 3 artist proofs.
Boutitie 23, BPL 7, BPL 13.
After the reduction of the plate and the shadow work with drypoint on the clothes of the characters and the left wall of the vault.

SVV Kahn
Previous state
1st state, 264 mm × 213 mm.
Printed at 3 state proofs.
BPL 7.
Before reduction of the left panel removing the figure of the seated young woman and the infant and before additional shadow work.