Ba 111

Cloister in Rouen

etching (1910)
3rd state, 207 × 210 mm.

Pulled at au moins une trial proofs.
BPL 6.
The plate was cut out 56 mm from the left hand side.
estampe de Brouet
Previous states
2nd state, 264 × 210 mm.

Pulled at 3 trial proofs.
BPL 6.
With additional shading on the left and in the foreground, and on the stoneblock on the left with arches.
1st state, 264 × 210 mm.

Pulled at 1 ou 2 trial proofs.
Boutitie 59, BPL 6.
The clockwork and the foreground are barely visible. There is no shading on the arch on the left.